Dir. Igor Ivanko | Burlaka Films, Babylon 13, Peter Kerekes Ltd. | 2022, Ukraine, Slovakia | 85 min

Millions of people in Ukraine know cinematographer Leonid Burlaka’s film work – he worked his whole life at the illustrious Odessa Film Studio, and filmed the very famous TV show, The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed (1979). Leonid’s grandson is also a cinematographer, and he is making a movie about his grandfather, shedding light on an entire film era. Visual testimonies saved at the last moment sharply resonate in a story full of love and family ties, of an artist’s life and dimming memory brought on by Alzheimer’s disease.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) 2021 data, approx. 55 million people worldwide are currently suffering from dementia. Every year the number increases by at least 10 million. There are more than 8,500 identified cases in Latvia. One of the most common forms of dementia (in 60-70% of cases) is Alzheimer’s disease.