Riga, Latvia

ONLINE INDUSTRY DATES: 1 – 10 September 2021

Pitching Sessions 8 – 9 September 2021
Pitch Training Workshop 1 – 7 September 2021
CE MEDIA Workshop on documentary film online distribution challenges 7 September 2021
Forum Description An international pitching forum focused on feature length creative documentary projects from the Baltic Sea region, Eastern Europe, Caucasus region. The event consists of preparatory workshop for 18 selected projects, pitching sessions and individual meetings, as well as seminars and a film programme. It is the only pitching forum in the Baltic region focused only on documentaries. It was established in 1997, and its organizer is National Film Centre of Latvia.
Decision makers of BSD 2020 Agne Biliunaite, LRT, Lithuania
Andreas Gjellebæk Sverdrup, VGTV, Norway
Anton Mazurov, Antidote Sales, Russia
Barbara Bouillon, Arte G.E.I.E., France
Hanne Biermann, Deckert Distribution, Germany
Irena Taskovski, Taskovski Films, UK
Ivana Pauerova, CT, Czech Republic
Jenny Westergaard, YLE, Finland
Jo Lapping, BBC, UK
Kenan Aliyev, Current Time TV, USA
Lars Säfström, SVT, Sweden
Liene Kalnaella, LTV, Latvia
Liina Murd, ERR, Estonia
Maëlle Guenegues, CATS & DOCS, France
Mehdi Bekkar, Al Jazeera, Qatar
Natalia Arshavskaya, Current Time TV, USA
Natsu Kawakami, NHK, Japan
Thomas Beyer, MDR, Germany
Tomasz Piechal, TVP, Poland
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Awards TBA
Who can apply · Independent production companies from the wider Baltic Sea Region countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden)
· Independent production companies from Eastern Europe and Caucasus region;
· Independent production companies from other European countries if the documentary subject relates to the wider Baltic Sea Region, Eastern Europe, Caucasus region.
What kind of projects Producers may enter up to 3 projects each. Apart from feature length creative documentaries the BSD also provides a platform for cross media projects and documentary animations. One project may be submitted for selection for up to 3 times. Projects pitched in the previous editions are ineligible. Priority is given to projects having some financial commitment from broadcasters or film institutions, however it is not essential for being selected. Projects by first time filmmakers are also welcome and eligible.
Application Deadline 11 June 2021
Application process Fill in an online Application Form (while filling out the form, we suggest to save it regularly to ensure that the information is stored properly), providing following (in English):
· short description of the production company, producer and director (max 150 words each),· short synopsis of the project (max 50 words),
· long synopsis of the project (400-600 words),
· print quality photo representing the project, photo of the producer and other filmmakers pitching the project,
· a link to the trailer/visual material of the current project (mandatory already for the selection process).
Application and participation fees There is no application and participation fee
Catalogue A project catalogue will be produced and distributed to the decision makers prior to the pitching sessions containing one-page description of the production company, producer and director, one-page synopsis of the project, a photo representing project and photos of the filmmakers pitching the project.
Contact Details for Application The link to application form is available online at balticseadocs.lv. For any further enquiries, you are very welcome to contact us at balticforum@nkc.gov.lv or call +371 26054287.
Selection Selection of projects made by an international Selection Committee will be announced by 12 July 2021, and the producers will be notified about the results via e-mail. The main criterion of the selection will be the international potential of the project entered. The decisions of the Selection Committee will be final.
Observers Producers may attend BSD as observers without pitching a project, filling in an online Application form by 10 August 2021.
Pitching Each project has 7 minutes for pitching, with further time for discussion. The pitch has to be supported with a trailer. The presentation of the project should be done in English.
Individual Meetings Individual meetings with decision makers will be held on 8-10 September (15 min per meeting).The meetings will be pre-booked by BSD staff based on the interest received from the decision makers, with additional meetings added after the pitches.
Workshops  A Pitching Training Workshop will be organized from 1 – 7 September. The pitchers will work intensively on their project presentation with the aid of 6 international tutors with extensive industry experience lead by documentary consultants Mikael Opstrup and Tue Steen Müller. In addition to this, a professional editor will give advice on the structure of trailers. We strongly advise to take part in the workshop, as its usefulness has been proven over the years.

Mikael Opstrup, Documentary Consultant, Denmark
Tue Steen Müller, Documentary Consultant & Critic, Denmark
Audrius Stonys, Film director, producer, Lithuania
Nino Orjonikidze, Film director, producer, Georgia
Peter Kerekes, Film director, producer, Slovakia
Emma Davie, Film director, UK
Gitte Hansen, Deputy Director, First Hand Films, Switzerland
Diana El Jeiroudi, Film director, screenwriter, Syria/Germany
Phil Jandaly, Film Editor, Sweden
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Film Programme Parallel to the Baltic Sea Forum industry activities, a programme of selected documentary films will be screened from 7 – 12 September 2021.
All Deadlines 11 June 2021 – project submission
12 July 2021 – announcement of selected projects
10 August 2021
– observer registration
We look forward to receiving your projects!