7 Years of Lukas Graham

Dir. René Sascha Johannsen, Sonntag Pictures, 2020 | 78′, Denmark, 12+

The Lukas Graham hit 7 Years reached the top of the charts in 2016. Paradoxically, as Lukas wrote the song about losing his father, the whole world sang along with his grief. Fame, fans and the ability to work in the best recording studios was like a dream come true, one that, however, also has its dark side. For seven years director René Sascha Johannsen followed along in close proximity as Europe’s biggest export star navigated the stardom that he was propelled to at such an early age, and his attempts to retain a balance between his private life and the world that is always demanding more.

Lukas Graham (real name Lukas Forchammer) grew up in Copenhagen’s anarchist community of Christiania. Present in his childhood memories is the freedom and utopian spirit of Christiania, while also the at times harsh confrontations with the frequent police patrols in the area. “I knew how to mix a Molotov cocktail before I could mix a Long Island Iced Tea.” The film “7 Years of Lukas Graham” is the most popular recent film in Denmark.

In Danish and English with Latvian subtitles.