Jane by Charlotte

Dir. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nolita, Deadly Valentine, 2021 | 90′, France

The unforgiving passage of time prompted talented actress Charlotte Gainsbourg to look at her mother Jane Birkin with completely different eyes, and they are now slowly navigating the reservations that have permeated their relationship. Through the camera’s lens they reveal their souls to each other, and then take a step back to allow their mother and daughter relationship to unfold anew. “We didn’t want the cinematographic motive to meet, talk and get closer to end.” The film had its premiere in Cannes this summer.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a singer, songwriter and actress; she has been in several of Lars von Trier’s films (Antichrist, Melancholia and Nymphomaniac), as well in the lead role in a Hollywood version of Jane Eyre, et al. 

Jane Birkin is an actress, singer and songwriter. Her daughter Charlotte was born from her relationship with musician Serge Gainsbourg. In 1988, a portrait of Jane Birkin was captured by film director Agnès Varda in her film, Jane B. par Agnès V.

In French with Latvian subtitles.