New Times at Crossroad Street

Dir. Ivars Seleckis, European Documentary Film Symposiums, 1999 | 85′, Latvia

The film project was presented at the Baltic Sea Docs 1998.

The second part of Ivars Seleckis’ trilogy about Crossroad Street – an 800 m long street in the “Pārdaugava” district of Riga, whose inhabitants, their relationships and fates, have served as a testament to changing times. The first film’s action takes place at the end of the 1980s, when the fight for national independence begins in Latvia. Ten years have passed, and the filmmakers return to the small street in the outskirts of Riga. How have the lives of the characters we previously met changed since the regaining of Latvian independence? Land surveyors have passed through Crossroad Street – buildings have been denationalized, allotted, divided. Not only have the property rights of neighbours changed, but also relationships in several of the families.

“Crossroad Street” is one of the most highly awarded films in Latvian film history – it has received the European Film Academy award for best documentary, as well as the top prize at IDFA in Amsterdam. In Ivars Seleckis’ trilogy’s third film, “Capitalism at Crossroad Street” (2013), the filmmakers return to the street’s inhabitants during the global economic crisis.

In Latvian with English subtitles.